Rivington Collection Chestnut/ Grain Outdoor Rug 9x9, Square

Rivington Collection Chestnut/ Grain Outdoor Rug 9x9, Square

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Product Description


Rivington Outdoor Area Rug 9' x 9' Square (110" x 110"):

Limited Edition.

The art of weaving is as old as the history of man. Our Rivington outdoor patio rug pattern is an adaption of the timeless checkerboard design, uncomplicated but clearly urbane. Designed without a border, this clean textural outdoor rug for patio is both casual and modern.

The two-ply cabled yarns add depth and texture to the surface of this rug. Perfect for high-traffic areas, indoors and out, these versatile indoor outdoor rugs are soil resistant and easy to clean.

Select from 3 colors:

  • Angora Gray: a sophisticated light grey tone
  • Golden Brown: variegated, multi-toned medium browns
  • Nut Brown: rich tobacco shades range from medium to the darkest browns

Product Highlights -

  • Belgian Craftsmanship: constructed with ultra-strong cabled yarn on high-precision Belgian looms, all Brown Jordan rugs are manufactured to be a genuine all-season durable outdoor rug
  • Styles: angora tone two-ply cabled yarns add depth and rope-like textural surface designed in rich natural colors, better than sisal, tri-colored textured woven patterns
  • UV Stabilization: resistant to UV rays, as well as to stains. No fading, mold, or mildew.
  • Easy Care™ Technology: crafted entirely of synthetic materials, these rugs are family friendly. Ideal for high traffic areas, soil and spills can simply be hosed off for a through cleaning. Durable and practical. Quick-drying

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