Welcome to Brown Jordan Rugs by Gertmenian.

The name Brown Jordan is synonymous with quality outdoor furniture and accessories. Brown Jordan has licensed Gertmenian, a leading firm in the design and production of rugs since 1896, to create a new collection of Brown Jordan Rugs for use outdoors and in.

Innovative EasyCare™ technology is utilized to make rugs that are as elegant indoors as they are practical outdoors. A specialized yarn system features fine tri-color, synthetic polyolefin fibers wound into an ultra-strong cable. The yarn is woven into rugs on high-precision Belgian looms. The result is a rug with wonderful depth of color and the rich textural look of natural sisal, which is also exceptionally durable and stands up to weather through all seasons. UV stabilization ensures that the colors stay fresh even in strong sun.

With the EasyCare™ technology, Brown Jordan rugs are perhaps the world’s easiest to clean. Just hose them off and let them dry. It solves a child’s spill and even a pet’s mess. For less severe problems, the rugs can be vacuumed and spot cleaned with mild detergent and water. The rugs resist mildew and are antimicrobial.

About BrownJordan Rugs