Find a rug you like. We think all Brown Jordan Rugs by Gertmenian look great. We know that their quality is superior. We can’t choose which is best for you! We can say that a well-placed rug becomes a defining decorating element for patios, porches, decks, breezeways, gazebos, and many, many indoor areas.

How to select a size:

  • Measure the area you want to cover. A rug looks best and is most practical in use with at least three or four inches of clear floor space on every side of the rug. Be sure you are not covering things like floor plugs and floor vents.
  • Consider how your furniture will fit on the rug. (The charts below give some ideas for furniture placement.)
  • Keep in mind that rugs come in fixed sizes. If your measured size does not match an available rug size, think about which will work best. As a general rule, it’s better when a rug is a little larger than the ideal, not a little smaller. (But remember that you want to keep at least some open floor on all sides of the rug.)

Some Rug Size And Placement Ideas

dinning room Brown Jordan rug placement ideasliving room Brown Jordan rug placement ideas


Vacuum or sweep as needed. Spot clean with soap or detergent and water. For thorough cleaning, wash outdoors with a hose. Use soap and a scrub brush if necessary (avoid metal bristles or pads). Rinse, shake or wipe water off (if desired), and let dry front and back.